The Forgotten and the Fantastical 4, edited by Teika Bellamy

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From the back cover:

The fourth in the series of The Forgotten and the Fantastical brings you wildness and magic and the archetypes of old. A faraway woman brings peace to the drowned, a wild man is caught in a net, a frozen girl goes in search of snow. And surprising secrets are to be found in a therapist’s office, a care home and a microwave oven...

Features new writing from:
Renee Anderson, Ruth Asch, Rosemary Collins, Donna M Day, Lisa Fransson, Victoria Haslam, Susie Hennessy, Elizabeth Hopkinson, Holly James, Katy Jones, Matthew Keeley, Leslie Muzingo, Rachel Rivett, Lynden Wade.

‘This latest offering from The Forgotten and the Fantastical series will delight anyone who enjoys fairy tales. The stories in this collection are by turns mythic and intimate, presenting traditional themes and characters in inventive and often surprising new forms. Mother’s Milk Books is well known for providing a platform to emerging writers, and this collection is packed full of engaging new voices. Highly recommended.’
Rebecca Ann Smith (author of Baby X)

 Paperback: 186 pages

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