Milestones of Motherhood, by Clare Cooper

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From the back cover:

How have you changed through learning to love and nurture your children?

Have you even had the time to ask yourself this question?

Mothering, with all its joys and challenges, requires an immense investment of our practical and emotional resources. Yet it is also a journey which ignites great learning and personal transformation for the women who walk it. With contributions from women at all stages of the mothering journey, it is this inner journey of learning and transformation which Clare Cooper celebrates. Exploring inner milestones of love, trust, empathy, surrender, strength and spirituality, Clare charts this journey from our children’s conception to their independence. Milestones of Motherhood is a call to value the inherent worth and meaning of mothering work, to recognise the personal transformation mothering ignites, and above all to share the message that work on the mothering path is never time wasted but always love invested.

As a pregnancy yoga teacher and doula, Clare Cooper has supported hundreds of women in their transitions to motherhood. Passionate about the worth and value of mothering, Clare’s teaching and writing nurtures, inspires and empowers women at all stages of the mothering journey. Clare is a mother of three and also runs a muddy Family Forest School in Cumbria. 


Paperback, 358 pages


Milestones of Motherhood is a richly woven book, containing the reflections of many mothers about the transformative journey of motherhood. It explores the myriad facets of inner experience which tend to be overlooked and silenced in our culture. Beautiful, nourishing and needed.
Lucy H. Pearce, author Moods of Motherhood, Burning Woman, Medicine Woman



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