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Never judge a book by its cover...

So the saying goes. But in reality we can’t help but do this, consciously, or subconsciously. We all have preferences, or leanings, towards a certain colour, text font and style. So the moment a person looks at a book cover, some sort of judgement takes place. Some may find that after time a book cover that they thought plain, or boring at first takes on an entirely different meaning… perhaps after they’ve read the book. Or maybe not. The design of book covers is a huge field in itself (as I’m just now discovering!) and trends in certain styles of book covers come and go…

As I’m now in the process of designing the cover of Musings on Mothering I find myself studying many, many book covers. I know that the design I end up with won’t please everyone – that, of course, is an impossibility – but I can’t help at least striving for universal appeal.

After much reflection, though, I have concluded that the main aim is to make the cover appealing enough to make an interested person want to pick up the book (or read the accompanying electronic blurb) and take a leap of faith and actually buy it.

Once they delve inside I am pretty certain that there will be something to hold their interest…

First review - yikes!
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Monday, 25 May 2020

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