It seems appropriate to share these two lovely poems today – the winning poem and the commended poem from The Mother’s Milk Books Writing Prize children’s poetry category. Congratulations again to the two young winners and I hope they inspire more children to get writing!

Winning poem:

My Family

My dad is at work

He works really hard

But when he comes home I’m ever so glad

’cause he helps me even when I’m sad!

My mum is the best

much better than the rest

I don’t know how she does it

but we love her so oh yes we do

my mum is the best!

My littlest sister

I always love to play and share with her

she is always smiling and cheery too

I love my sister, the lovely sister I have.

My other little sister

oh sister you’re just like a monkey and great the way you are

you’re lots of fun and I love to play and run with you

and I will always too.

There is nothing I could want more

than my loving funny, cheery, cuddly, kind and brilliant family

I love you all!


Commended poem:


Breastfeeding is what breasts are for
And breastfeeding is perfect
That’s why we do breastfeeding