PDF of Letting Go, by Angela Topping

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Letting Go, by Angela Topping

Letting Go, by Angela Topping

A collection of poems about childhood, daughterhood and parenthood by Angela Topping.

From the back cover:

But they learn to walk away / like any other guest

Love is about letting go. This notion threads its way throughout Angela Topping’s new selection. She writes tenderly and movingly about childhood, growing up, bereavement and parenthood. These are frank, honest and moving poems arranged in an unfolding narrative which reaches out to the reader, wanting to share and engage.

The poems of Letting Go engage the reader with their shaped sense of familial experience. In clear and crafted language the poet opens a heart-door on the pluses and minuses of life, revealing the flow of time and love through the generations. A beautifully judged collection. Penelope Shuttle

Angela Topping’s poems tug at the threads of motherhood and daughterhood, and lay bare the complicated business of family. They speak of what sometimes can’t be said — when words are rags. These are gentle, honest poems that honour the small sorrows and joys of everyday lives. It is impossible to resist the power of such tender declarations of love. Martin Figura

ISBN 978-0-9573858-1-8

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