Echolocation, by Becky Cherriman

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Becky Cherriman’s Echolocation is a stridently assured body of work that negotiates the tethers binding mother and child. Infertility, fostering and single motherhood are encountered and marked by those elements of love that exist within the interstices of domestic spaces and everyday life: the remnant of smells and ghosts within the folds of a blanket, a child as its mother’s ‘first accurate mirror’. The improbability of existence is at the heart of the work; nothing is taken for granted, and motherhood is considered the beginning of an energized attentiveness.

A powerful pamphlet that both enthrals and inspires, Echolocation is not to be missed.
Carolyn Jess-Cooke


An impressive first pamphlet which does not succumb to mawkish sentimentality, Echolocation displays some startling and original imagery. Michael Brown


From the pamphlet:


Graves’ Disease
(‘Down Among The Empty Boats’, Sonia Lawson)


Her clothes are the texture
of congealing blood. 
She would like to do it,
to gouge out
the hungry shuddering thing
in her throat, let her life
seep away beside the quay,
where the hollows of empty boats 


echo inside her.


But her abdomen is distended 
by motherhood. 
She must latch on to this
matter – the glimpse of red 
in the boat nearest her, a child's
tipped-up bucket, sand teeming
out like time; a spade –
she must make them matter.




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