A great review from Saffia Farr, editor of JUNO

I received a really lovely Christmas present in the form of a great review of Musings on Mothering from Saffia Farr, editor of JUNO.

Here is what she wrote in the Winter 2012 issue of JUNO (Issue 30).

Musings on Mothering: About Pregnancy, Birth and breastfeeding: An Anthology of Art, Poetry, and Prose

edited by Teika Bellamy, Mother’s Milk Books

“This is an amazing book. It is possible to become entirely lost in it. I have not yet looked at every page because there is so much to muse on. This is the hope of editor Teika Bellamy. Often, as mothers (and fathers), we are so busy caring and meeting everyday needs that we run out of time to muse…

…On first reading I was overwhelmed by the power of what is within. Motherhood is both wonderful and complex and Musings on Mothering captures this perfectly. All royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to LLL Great Britain.”

To read the full review, along with plenty of other great articles, you can get a copy of this issue here: Juno Winter 2012

First review – yikes!

Lois Rowlands, La Leche League GB’s Publications Director had this to say after reading through the first draft of Musings on Mothering:

“A heart-felt and honest collection of art, poetry and prose from all around the world; its celebration of mothers and motherhood (and fathers!) is moving and deeply human.”

I was touched by her positive review. I really don’t think I can wish for better words.

I know that as a mum I sometimes set myself unrealistic goals, and try to be ‘superhuman’ and all things to all people, but I’m learning to accept that being superhuman is not necessary. Being human – with all the trappings and failings – really is enough. (And by the way, I have a wonderful poem about that in the book!)

Our first advert in the wonderful Breastfeeding Matters members’ magazine is due to be out soon, and I’m frantically working on tying up loose ends. It’s all very exciting, but very busy too! I’ll try to keep you posted!