If I could have just one room…

I was recently tagged by the talented and lovely Georgie St Clair over at Visual Toast with the question “If you could have just one room what would be in it?”. This was the prompt put forth by Jocelyn from The Reading Residence and it somehow made its roundabout way to me.

It’s an interesting question and one that’s been on my mind a lot recently.

Since starting up Mother’s Milk Books our house has been overwhelmed by boxes of books, cards and prints, as well as boxes of packaging. I kind of like the ‘literary/bohemian cluttered look’ (that’s me putting a spin on untidiness) but since I’ve begun to dabble in a little art (again, inspired by all the wonderful mama artists that I’ve met through editing Musings on Mothering) I’ve realized how wonderful it would be to have an extra room – and one all to myself – for my own creative pursuits.

I’ve seen lots of images of beautiful rooms with gorgeous colour schemes and stylish items within – there were some stunning ones over at Gina’s blog Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies. I don’t think I could do justice to those pictures so when I thought about the complete basics, I decided that all I really want is this:

A White Room (and yes, straight lines at the same angle seem to be a skill I have yet to master!)

I would simply appreciate a clean, white space with plenty of wall space to hang my daughter’s art, my son’s art, my husband’s art, my own art, the art of those painters and artists that I admire. There would be mama art, breastfeeding art, landscapes, flowers, fantastical art, abstracts, all sorts. There would also be a table – any kind of table – and some shelves to store art materials so that I could do a little painting of my own. A kettle and a stash of snacks would come in useful too.

As to where it would be, well, who knows? Maybe way up high in the trees, invisible from the rest of the world so that I could get lost in painting…

A Hint Of Reality From Invisibility (c) 2012 Treehotel AB
(Yes, there is a mirror house in those trees!)

Thank you Georgie for thinking of me, and asking me the question. I put it forth to all of you: “If you could have just one room what would be in it?” and will tag these folk for whom I know an extra room for artistic craftiness would be much appreciated.

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