The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2 Linky

To (belatedly) celebrate the publication of The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2 I’m hosting a blog link-up on the theme of fairy tales. So if you’d like to share a review of the book, or if you’d like to write about one of the stories in the book that has touched you in some way (or you just want to discuss what fairy tales mean to you) we’d love to have you involved.

All we ask is that (technology-allowing) you insert the image/badge below at the bottom of your post and then click on the blue froggy linking button and add your link. And if you could comment on the other bloggers’ posts that would be very welcome. (Also, why not tell us about it on Twitter? We are: @MothersMilkBks.) Many thanks for taking part! (Please note that this blog link-up closes at the end of this Friday – 3rd June 2016.)