First review – yikes!

Lois Rowlands, La Leche League GB’s Publications Director had this to say after reading through the first draft of Musings on Mothering:

“A heart-felt and honest collection of art, poetry and prose from all around the world; its celebration of mothers and motherhood (and fathers!) is moving and deeply human.”

I was touched by her positive review. I really don’t think I can wish for better words.

I know that as a mum I sometimes set myself unrealistic goals, and try to be ‘superhuman’ and all things to all people, but I’m learning to accept that being superhuman is not necessary. Being human – with all the trappings and failings – really is enough. (And by the way, I have a wonderful poem about that in the book!)

Our first advert in the wonderful Breastfeeding Matters members’ magazine is due to be out soon, and I’m frantically working on tying up loose ends. It’s all very exciting, but very busy too! I’ll try to keep you posted!

Never judge a book by its cover…

So the saying goes. But in reality we can’t help but do this, consciously, or subconsciously. We all have preferences, or leanings, towards a certain colour, text font and style. So the moment a person looks at a book cover, some sort of judgement takes place. Some may find that after time a book cover that they thought plain, or boring at first takes on an entirely different meaning… perhaps after they’ve read the book. Or maybe not. The design of book covers is a huge field in itself (as I’m just now discovering!) and trends in certain styles of book covers come and go…

As I’m now in the process of designing the cover of Musings on Mothering I find myself studying many, many book covers. I know that the design I end up with won’t please everyone – that, of course, is an impossibility – but I can’t help at least striving for universal appeal.

After much reflection, though, I have concluded that the main aim is to make the cover appealing enough to make an interested person want to pick up the book (or read the accompanying electronic blurb) and take a leap of faith and actually buy it.

Once they delve inside I am pretty certain that there will be something to hold their interest…

The days go by…

So February 29th – the deadline for submissions – came and went… and my inbox was impressively full. I wanted to immediately get going with the collating of all the work but technical issues with the website meant I had to put the submissions aside for a while.

I now find myself in the wonderful position of producing a book full of work from great writers and artists. I am putting the contributions together now and am thoroughly enjoying matching art with words.

Thanks again to all those folk who took the time to submit work for the anthology.

I’ll keep you posted on the book’s progress…

Mummy, I love you because…

At a recent La Leche League meeting I went to, romance was in the air… well, it was more that mother love was in the air…

Some meetings focus on breastfeeding challenges and difficulties, and how to overcome them, but this February’s meeting the focus was on us, as mothers. We got little chocolate hearts with a label that said “I love you mummy because…” and we had to fill in what we thought our baby or toddler would say. It was lovely to just reflect on what we, as mothers, mean to our children and to take a pause from the daily hubbub of life.

“I love you mummy because…”

hmm… perhaps a good start to a poem?

Two months to go until the ‘Call for Submissions’ closes

Just a reminder – there are only 2 months to go until the deadline for submissions for the anthology project. If you have any ideas for art, poetry or prose, and would like to discuss them with me, please feel free to email me (see the Project Musings page).

And thanks to all those who have sent in submissions so far. Keep them coming…

Breastfeeding art and chocolate

At the October 2011 La Leche League Great Britain annual conference, I got the opportunity to meet lots of lovely mamas who were keen to help me out with the anthology project. The lovely Nik Harris even gave me a very special bar of chocolate, which alerted me to the wonderful work of a Polish artist called Stanislaw Wyspianski.

A Polish chocolate manufacturer had seen the obvious beauty in the painting titled ‘Motherhood’, and decided to put it onto the chocolate wrapper. They obviously have very good taste!

As for the chocolate, well, as much as I love to eat chocolate, I daren’t open the beautiful packet. It will sit on my desk and continue to tempt and inspire me in equal measures!

Sculpture anyone?

So far I’ve had a great response to my ‘Call for Submissions’ from mothers who want to contribute to the anthology project. But having thought that my own creativity knows no bounds (!) my eyes have been opened by the many suggestions for skilled craft and artwork I hadn’t considered.

So if there are any sculptors, lacemakers, weavers, spinners or potters out there who are interested in this project – I would love to hear from you!

First contributions

So far, my advertising of the anthology project has been low-key, but since the lovely La Leche League ladies have started to spread the word, I’ve started to receive my first submissions.

The first poetic entry brought tears to my eyes (in a good way, you know!) and the images I have received have been both fascinating, and moving.

I’ve also had various emails from mothers sending me their encouragement.

Thank you to all who have contacted me so far, and I hope to receive more creative submissions.

First steps

Just as my ten-month-old son has begun to take his first baby steps, I too, am taking my first steps into the book world with our ‘Musings’ anthology project. After months of thinking, deliberating, doing sums and many, many conversations with my husband, my first project is about to begin (probably to the great relief of my husband who is no longer being bombarded with requests for feedback on my many ideas!).

I never consciously chose ‘The Adventure Journal’ as the template for my website – it was more to do with its ease of use than anything else – but it is an apt title for what I am setting out to do. I have a rough idea of the destination I’m heading for, but how I get there… well, I’ll keep you posted.

I look forward to receiving some thoughtful, beautiful contributions…