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Guest post: Cathy Bryant on ‘Fantasy, love and oddity’

Welcome to the ‘Look At All The Women’ Carnival: Week 1 – ‘The Lovers’

This post was written especially for inclusion in the three-week-long ‘Look At All The Women’ carnival, hosted by Mother’s Milk Books, to celebrate the launch of Cathy Bryant’s new book ‘Look At All The Women’. This week our participants share their thoughts on the theme ‘The Lovers’ (the first chapter in Cathy’s poetry collection).


Please read to the end of the post for a full list of carnival participants.


I’m delighted to be taking part in the Mother’s Milk Books Blog Carnival that is taking place to celebrate the launch of my new book, Look at All the Women. This first week of the Carnival is dedicated to the theme ‘The Lovers’, so here are two poems from that particular section of my new book. The first is very Me, I think – elements of fantasy, love and oddity, with my ever-present love for the sea. Who would have thought that Bridlington in December could be so beautiful?

Brid, December

Bold gemini moon full on

and the waves fly up to meet it.

The sea stirs; every last creature

swims or wriggles up to drink

the light, taste the moon’s essence.

A streetlamp bravely does its best.

Oi! Look at me! Regard! I shine too!

It gets in the way, spoiling photos.

Vampires and tourists slink off in disgust.

Lovers ignore it. The moon, the sea,

each other – there’s nothing else

but warm, clean-sheeted beds.

Light is light, isn’t it?

No. You could skim the silver

from the waves with one hand,

and make your face holy with it,


The second poem is addressed to the poet William Carlos Williams and is a response to his poem ‘This is Just to Say’: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/245576. I love his poetry and I can see how important it is – but I wouldn’t have wanted to live next door to him. You wouldn’t be able to put the bins out without him staring in wonder, lost in the moment due to the colour of your nail varnish or petunias. So I wrote this tongue-in-cheek reply:

Dear William

It’s not just the plums.

You are so plainly

a selfish man

living in the moment

the personal moment

all for yourself.

The divorce papers

are in the post.

This feels so sweet

and deliciously cold.

Happy loving everyone, and see you next week!

Cathy x

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Carnival time! And images still needed…


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Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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